The wait is over, here is WOD2 - Enjoy

3 Athletes will compete in Spa Town WOD 2

With a continuously running 15 minute clock:

Athlete 1

AMRAP  5 Mins

10 Plate GTOH 20/15kg

10 Box Jump overs 24/21in

5 K2E

Athlete 2

AMRAP  5 Mins

10 Plate GTOH 20/15kg

10 Box Jump Overs 24/21in

5 K2E

Athlete 3

AMRAP  5 Mins

10 Plate GTOH 20/15kg

10 Box Jump overs 24/21in

5 K2E


The score is the total number of points for the whole team.

Each GTOH = 2 Points (one round of 10 reps equals 20 points)

Scaling for GTOH is a reduction by 5kg in plate weight i.e. 15kg Men and 10kg Women

Each scaled GTOH = 1 Point (one round of 10 reps equals 10 points)

Box Jumps overs = 1 Point each (one round of 10 reps = 10 points)

Scaling  for box jump overs is box step overs – this will entail a 3 point deduction for each 10 completed by that athlete (i.e. 10 x Box step over would equal 10 points minus the scaling weighting of 3 points giving a total of 7 points)

K2E = 1 Point each (one round of 5 reps = 5 points

Scaling is High Knees – This will entail a 2 point deduction for each 5 completed (i.e. 5 x K2E would equal 5 points minus the scaling weighting of 2 points giving a total of 3 points)

1 Full Round at RX  is worth 35 Points

Each athlete can choose their own scaling. Once this is selected it must remain the same for the  full 5 mins.

Only one athlete can work at a time.

All athletes will start from the GTOH rather than picking up from where the last athlete finished

Handover from one athlete to the next is a High Five!


RX GTOH The plate is taken from the floor and finishes with hips the knees fully extended with the weight fully locked out overhead. The plate MUST touch the floor at the start of each rep.

RX Box Jump Overs – The athlete must face the box and jump over the box to the other side. The jump must be a two-footed jump. Landing on top of the box is allowed, but not required. Each rep, including the final rep, is complete once the athlete has jumped over the box.

RX K2E – The athlete must go from a full hang to having each knee touch the corresponding elbow. The arms and hips must be fully extended at the bottom and the feet must be brought back to behind the bar. The arms can be bent or straight at the top of the movement.




1 x 24IN BOX

1 x 21IN BOX


Good Luck Folks!