Getting started at CrossFit Harrogate


If you haven't done so already please have a look at our Introduction to CrossFit page for an explanation of what this is all about.

The best way to understand CrossFit is to try it. Therefore if you would like to have a go at a CrossFit workout we offer a free taster session. These are held every other Saturday and will give you an insight into CrossFit Harrogate and how effective and fun these workouts are. To book your place on this session please select the next available one in our Schedule or Contact us to book your place. 

If you want to get going straight away you can sign up for our Induction Course. This will teach you the fundamental movements we use most frequently. You will learn how to move safely, effectively and efficiently and you will be exposed to the concept of intensity through six progressive workouts. Please see the Induction Course page for more details and the Pricing page to sign up now.