1.    Warm up

2. WOD

08:00 - Endurance


100m Sprint

10 Ring Dips

200m Row

10 Burpee

Rest 30 seconds

09:00 CrossFit

Beast Complex

6 rounds, 6 moves, 6 reps

Each of the 6 rounds will consist of

6 Bent over row

6 Deadlift

6 Hang Power Clean

6 Front Squat

6 Strict Press

6 Thrusters

The bar MUST NOT touch the floor during each round. All movements should be slow and controlled and NOT explosive

Athletes can choose their own weight (limiting factor is likely to be the strict press)

60 to 90 secs rest in between each set

Then (Rest as needed)


5 goblet squat (32/20)

10m Bear crawl

15 DU

3. Recovery

couch stretch