Regular Classes

Please come along to any of our open gym sessions for a free introduction to CrossFit.  These  sessions are an ideal opportunity for you to visit the gym, meet our coaches and see what CrossFit Harrogate is all about. The introduction will only take about 15 minutes and if you come towards the end of the session you could stay for a while and watch a group class in action.

These open gym sessions are as follows:

  • Tuesdays       1600 - 1730
  • Wednesdays 1600 - 1730
  • Thursdays     1600 - 1800
  • Fridays           1730 - 1800
  • Sundays        1000 - 1100


Before you join our regular classes you need to complete fundamentals training.

This will teach you the fundamentals of the movements we use most frequently.

You will learn to move safely, effectively and efficiently and you will be exposed to the concept of intensity through a number of progressive workouts.

The training will provide you with everything you need to be able to step into our group classes with confidence and proficiency.

Once you have completed your Fundamentals Training you can attend our regular group classes.