CrossFit Central Manchester Games

These competitions are going to get more and more prevalent as time goes on. This one has been going for a few years now and is getting bigger all the time. It's a good one and not too far away. It's amazing how much improvement you can make when you have a goal to aim for. It's all about having a go, being part of the community and having a lot of fun whilst you're doing it, so please have a look at the link and get signed up! Details:


Starts: 9am Monday 12th March
Ends: 5pm Saturday 7th April

All 3 workouts will be released at 9am on Sunday 8th April and all results must be submitted by 5pm on Sunday 15th April.


In order to compete at the main event either as an individual or as part of a team, you must complete the online qualifier as an individual, unless you are competing in the masters category. At the main event you may only compete in one of the following categories;

Men’s Open
Women’s Open
Team (2 Males, 2 Females)
Men’s Masters (40+)
Women’s Masters (40+)

(The masters category are not required to complete the online qualifier. However anyone wanting to compete in the masters category must register in the same way as those who are completing the online qualifier, in order to secure their place at the main event in July.)


The main event will be on the Saturday 7th – Sunday 8th July.