The Worldwide CrossFit community

One of the really great things about what we do is the fact that wherever you can find CrossFit in the World you are likely find a friendly and welcoming community of like minded people that you have an instant connection with. 

Every CrossFit affiliate/box will be a different interpretation of what CrossFit is all about so whenever you're travelling, in the UK or abroad, we'd encourage you to get out and visit as many different boxes and communities as possible. The Fitzgeralds visited CrossFit NYC when they were in New York and Kate and Dean recently visited CrossFit Brevard whilst they were on holiday - all were made to feel extremely welcome. 

If you know you'll be travelling have a look here to find the nearsest affiliate to where you're going to be. Please make sure you get in touch beforehand and ask if it's alright to drop in, most won't even charge you anything for the first time, though it's always nice to buy a t-shirt as a gesture of support. 

Just to prove you can still work out whilst on holiday, here is a photo of the hill Kate and Dean did sprints up. Great stuff.

However, the most important thing about being on holiday is to remember that 'You are on holiday!' and to rest, relax and enjoy yourselves. Looks like Kate got the balance just right.

Apparently this was a small margarita!