Divided We Fall Games 2012 (3rd-4th Nov).

Take a look at the DWF Games website (http://www.dividedwefallgames.com/games-info/) for all information on the UK's biggest CrossFit competition. Why do you need to know all about this? CrossFit Harrogate have registered and will be taking a team of 4 men and 2 women to compete this year! Spectator tickets are also on sale so even if you aren't going to be on the team you can still come along and support!! 

Competition training will commence on Thursday's 19:00-20:00. It will be within these sessions that we will eventually compete against one another in order to select our strongest team. Get excited people, last years event was incredible and this year is stacking up to be even bigger and better!!

If you are interested in going to this competition and being part of the CrossFit Harrogate team, there is a level of commitment required. Firstly there will be a series of qualifying workouts programmed within the box, these will tests a broad range of strengths & skills. These qualifying WODs will be performed under judged conditions. If you complete all the workouts and finish with a  top 4 position (for the men) or top 2 position (for the women), you will have earnt yourself a position in the team!

Along with the commitment to completing the WOD's there is also the matter of availability. The dates for the competition are the weekend of 3rd/4th november. This would therefore mean we will need to travel down on the Friday evening, stay over in a hotel, in order to be ready to compete both on the Saturday as well as Sunday.

There is also a cost involved with being part of the team, each member will be required to pay an entry fee of £33 as well as their own travel and hotel costs.

Check out some of the footage from previous years here:

Final rope climb

It’s the people who make it

Fear of failure

Teaser trailer 2012

If you have any questions about DWF 2012, or just about CrossFit competition in general, please do not hesitate to come and talk to me at the gym.