First Annual Lion's Pride Challenge

Ok, CrossFit Harrogate!  You have all shown a massive competitive spirit recently and so we thought it was time we had a little challenge for box bragging rights! On 19 January 2014, we will hold the first annual CrossFit Harrogate Lion’s Pride Challenge.  This competition will be open to members only and will give the winning team bragging rights for the year.  But before you get too far into planning your teams, we want to make sure things are fair, so keep reading to see how it will work. All interested members will sign up by 15 December.  Once we have the list of competitors, the coaches will get together and pick the teams.  Teams will consist of two men and two ladies and will be put together so as to give each team a fighting chance.  Workouts and team selections will be released the week prior to the event and all movements will have a scalable option so that anyone can participate.  The competition will be followed by a get together that may or may not have beer involved (gluten free, of course!).  The cost to enter the competition will be £10 and will entitle you a Lion’s Pride Challenge t-shirt.  Please sign up at the box if you are interested!