CrossFit Induction - A members view. In the beginning!

One of the ladies on the current induction (started 22nd April 2013) decided to keep a written record of her thoughts, feelings and experiences both before and during the induction. These are her words, unedited and she has very kindly agreed to us featuring them on our blog and FB page. 

In the beginning gives an insight into how she felt in the run up to starting the induction.

Monday 15th April
I've just sat with Gio and gone through the plan for approximately the next 12 weeks. So what am I hoping for? Well, I'd like to lose some weight. I want to shape my body from the rather frumpy size 12 to a more lean and toned version of myself, and I'd like a PB on a half marathon this year. Are these realistic objectives? 
Losing a stone? Lets set my expectations right now! Unlikely I'll lose a stone. The plan I'm going to follow will build muscle, we all know muscle weighs more than fat, so have decided to take measurements at the start of the programme and track those instead.
Shaping my body - this is (hopefully) what Crossfit is all about - core strength. So lets see - Simon and Gio tell me I will see a difference (I wont miss those love handles I'm currently carrying around that's for sure!)
PB on a half marathon. Lets see. I'm lazy in my training. When I first started running I was really disciplined - following training plans, varying my training. Now I have lost all enthusiasm. I did the Great North Run in 2012 in 2h 30 after 6 training runs - shocking. I'm bored of the long training runs. I jog, spend most of my time thinking about how long until I walk a bit and generally cant wait to get back within the first few minutes of setting off. I never used to be like that and I want to get back into the spirit of it. I've done 4 half marathons now and should be improving. My very first GNR was 2010 and I did it in 2h 34. For that reason I have engaged with Gio to follow the cross fit endurance plan.
Thursday 18th April
I'm booked onto the 2 week Crossfit Induction course starting Monday 22nd April. I feel really excited, but very nervous. I trust Gio and Simon - after all Gio was the one who got me from being a couch potato to doing a Great North Run, in 10 months.
I guess I'm ready; my head definitely is. Yes I'm a little over weight (to put it in to context I am in my healthy weight range in BMI terms, just want to be less flabby than I am now) but I feel pretty fit so I should be ok with this. Have decided that I'll not cut anything out between now and Monday - no dieting and definitely not giving up wine yet!!
Sunday 21st April
Tomorrow it is…. Measurements being taken tomorrow, as well as weight, % body fat. Oh, and just for a laugh I am going to get the most unflattering picture of me taken so at the end of the programme I can compare then and now.