Need a challenge?


As a lot of you know we've organised an inter box competition with CrossFit Skipton, we've already got 15 pairs which is fantastic! If you're wanting to compete but can't find a partner then let me know and I can pair you up. I've got a couple of people wanting to compete but need partners.

For those that haven't competed before, this is the perfect way to see what competitive CrossFit is all about. There's been a lot of members competing for the first time this year...if you're not sure about it, speak to them, I'm sure they'll only have positive opinions on competing.

One thing it will do is focus your mind, your training will become more purposeful and you'll begin to see more progress...who doesn't want that?! Use the Thursday sessions to work on weaknesses with your team mate, talk to the coaches about what you can do to improve certain movements.