Month 4

This month features an old favourite to test your aerobic capability along with a little gymnastic move just to spice things up a bit.

You will need three judges for this one so start planning now.

Good Luck!!!

Team ‘Jackie’

1000m row

50 thrusters (20/15) – Masters Athletes over 55 (15/10)

30 Pull up (Masters Athletes may use up to a blue band with no scaling penalty)

3 athletes are needed

Athletes will work in cannon ie once athlete one completes the row and starts the Thrusters, athlete 2 can start the row etc. until the last athlete completes the last pull up. Only one athlete can be on a discipline at any one time and no overtaking

Score is total time


A 60 second penalty will be incurred for each 5kg reduction in the weight for the thruster

A 60 second penalty will be incurred per scaling that is used to support the pull ups. i.e.

Red band 60secs

Blue band 120 secs

Blue and red bands 180 secs

Green band 240 secs etc.



Row – Each Athlete must remain on the rower until the display reads greater than 1000 meters. The athlete may coast over the required distance, but cannot make an attempt to get off the rower (e.g., unstrapping early or standing up) until they are past the required distance. The athlete may adjust the damper setting and foot positions at any time during the row and team-mates can help with this.  Athletes must keep feet in footstraps when rowing.

Thruster – Each thruster will consist of a full front squat whereby the hip crease must descend to lower than the top of the knee. The Athlete will drive the bar up and finish with a push press where the arms, hips and knees must be fully extended. The bar must be directly overhead with the head pushed through. A full squat clean can be used for the first rep in a set.

Pull-up – the arms must be fully extended at the bottom of the movement and the chin must be visibly above the upper plane of the bar at the top. Strict, kipping and butterfly are acceptable.