The Results Are In!

Afternoon All,
The CrossFit Open is a fantastic event but now that it is almost over we can turn our attention to other matters.
We would very much like to thank all of you who took the time to fill out the ‘It’s your Box too’ survey we sent to you regarding your membership. The results are in and make for very interesting reading! They tell us the things you like which is really good to know, but just as importantly they highlight areas where we need to raise our game and raise it we most definitely will.
We know you will appreciate that we can’t introduce all of the suggested improvements immediately and so we intend to focus on the areas that were most requested in the survey.
By far the most requested improvement was for there to be more weekend classes - Consider It Done! From Saturday 9th April there will be a new timetable that will include one extra Saturday Class and two extra Sunday Classes and this is just for starters. If they are well attended we’ll introduce more.  
Another popular request was for more specialist classes - Mobility, Gymnastics, Barbell, etc. These will take a little time to organise and may incur a small charge so watch this space!
We had a massive ‘YES’ to forming a members committee which just goes to re-enforce the fact that we have a strong community spirit here at CrossFit Harrogate. We will soon be asking members to put their names forward to be considered for the committee.
The survey has given us some invaluable information but it is only a snapshot in time. In the interest of continual improvement we need to always listen to your suggestions and act accordingly. To this aim we will be installing a suggestions box that will enable us to keep in touch with the needs and wishes of you all - the first use of this being to collect the nominees for the committee.
Last, but certainly not least, is a great big thank you to Scott Mackintosh, a valued member of our community, who took what was just an idea about having a survey and by adding his skill, time and a considerable amount of his own resource, made it happen – Thank You Scott! 

Happy Easter!