Three Months and Counting...

So, it’s coming up to 3 months as owner of CrossFit Harrogate! It feels so much longer. We sent out the questionnaire just over two months ago which came back with so much valuable information.

It’s been a slow process but we are listening to you all, some suggestions will take longer to implement and need a lot more time than I can currently give. Here are the things some of you mentioned in the questionnaire that we’ve looked at and hopefully changed for the better…

"An online page to monitor progress, eg. 1RM, fastest times, etc"

SugarWod has been a great success, almost all of you are logging your workouts now which helps track your progress, this a great way to stay motivated.

"More partner and team WODs especially on Saturdays"

Partner Workouts are now programmed every Wednesday and Saturday. They may look a lot of fun (which they are) but partner workouts often make you work even harder a you have the motivation to maintain that high intensity all the way to the end.

"Clearer information about programming decisions - e.g. will there be a specific focus in a 6-8 week block on specific skills and areas?"

The programming has been altered so that two skills are focused on over an 8 week training cycle. More information into the program will be revealed in our next post.

"Incentives for existing members to encourage new members"

A free 60 minute personal training session is awarded when you refer someone who then becomes a member.

"Variety in coaches as you get a different perspective from different people"

Over the past 10 weeks we've taken two coaches through their CrossFit training.


After shadowing 'The Open' classes, Paul started his coaching two months ago, he currently leads the Friday morning classes.




Tom recently became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, he's been assisting in the evening classes and now runs the Monday evening classes.

"More weekend classes would be useful especially as membership grows as Saturday's are starting to get really busy"

Weekend access has been increased, if you’d like more access or a change in class time/type then please note down your ideas and pop it in the suggestions box or tell a member of the coaching team directly.

If you have any other suggestions to help improve your training and experience at CrossFit Harrogate then please either let a coach know or write it down and stick it in the suggestions box. Thanks!