Wed 111123 - CrossFit Harrogate WOD

1. Warm up

2. Skill practise: three rounds of:
(a) Snatch, 1 rep (increase weight each round up to working weight for part 3)
Rest, 60 s
(b) Kipping swing/pull ups, 10 reps
Rest, 60 s
(c) Handstand kick up/hold/freestanding hold/walk, 3 attempts
Rest, 60 s

3. Seven rounds of:
Double under, 35 reps
Snatch, 1 rep

Make one snatch attempt per round. Workout is scored by the total time and also the sum of all the successful snatch lifts (missed attempts are not counted).

4. Recovery: mobility

Part 3 of this workout was posted on the CrossFit mainsite on Thu 3 Nov 2011. Have a look at the comments, videos and scores here and here.