Sat 150815 - Crossfit Harrogate WOD

1. Warm up/mobilize

2. Skill (CF Only)

Team Tyre Flip and jump Through Challenge – 2 teams, AMRAP 6

3. Strength (CF Only)

AMRAP 6: Teams of 2. Partners are stationed on opposite sides of the box.Partner 1 does 6 abmat sit-ups as quickly as possibly while partner 2 holds a plank. Partner 2 is only allowed to come out of plank once they are tagged by partner 1.

3. WOD


For time:

25 x Clean & Jerks (60/42.5)

200m Run

50 x T2B

400m Run

75 x Pull ups

600m Run

100 x Burpees

800m Run

200 x DU

Teams of 2. Split reps however. Runs completed as 200m relays except both partners complete the first run together. Sub singles for DUs 3:1.



15 x OHS (60/42.5)

30 x GHDSU**     

45 x KBS (24/20)

**Only if athlete is Rx’ing full WOD. Otherwise substitute v-sits.

4. Recovery

 Ab stretch 

Bar bell calf roll