Ladies Weight Lifting Courses - Beginning 01 September

The next iteration of the Ladies Weightlifting Course will begin on 01 September with the Deadlift.  We are changing the structure of the course this time around to accommodate your busy schedules.  Instead of running a 6 week course, we will run six individual sessions.  So instead of trying to figure out if you can set aside six Sundays of your life to spend with me, you can sign up for the sessions you want to attend.  The sessions will start at 0900 on the Sunday listed and run for one hour according to the following schedule:

01 September                   Deadlift

08 September                   Front & Back Squat

15 September                   Press Series

22 September                   Clean and Jerk

29 September                   Overhead Squat

06 October                        Snatch

Sessions will cost £5 each.  Please sign up via Team Up and pay in cash at the box prior to the start of class. 

Just as a note, another iteration of this course will begin on 20 October and this one will be opened up to the guys as well as the ladies! 

If you have any questions, please contact me at  Thanks!