Teams for the Lion's Pride Challenge 2015

So we know you have been waiting for the announcement and here it is! Below are your teams for the LPC! 

Team 1                                             

Paul Ellul

Emma Lund

Shaun Martin

Jen Turek

Team 2

Carl Aveyard

Sally Beale

Chris Pang

Bex Vandenberg

Team 3

Steve Beale

Annelize Ferreira

Steve Harris

Jude Smith

Team 4

Claire Curtis

Caroline Emerson

Jonny English

Andy Milner

Team 5

Nat Bradley

Rob Brown

Jane Denham

Craig Milner

Team 6

Blace Eckols

Heather Godfrey

Mark Smith

Anneka Thompson

Team 7

Luke Gair

Steve Henderson

Jill Martin

Katie Wilson

Team 8

Paul Billham

Mark Boxall

Ashley Semadeni

Lamara Taylor

Team 9

Rachel Anderson

Ash Fitzgerald

Niall McAllister

Simon Midgley

Team 10

Betsy Eckols

Alex Fozard

Tom Irwin

Andy Miles

Please arrive at the box at 1230 for registration and warm up. Events will begin promptly at 1300! And in case you are wondering, the WOD's will be released next Friday.