Lion's Pride Challenge 2015 WOD's

Below are the WOD’s for the Lion’s Pride Challenge! All ten teams will compete in the first three WOD’s and the top three teams will compete in the final event.  At the end, the winning team will be announced and will have bragging rights for the year!

We ask that all competitors arrive at the box at 12:30 to sign in, receive their shirt, pay for their entry fee if they have not already done so, and warm up.  The competition will begin at 13:00.

WOD 1:

400m run/500m row (completed as a team, rounds may not start until all team members have completed the run/row)

Then 12 Rounds** of

5 x jumping Squats (20/10)

7 x Hand Release Press Ups

9 x Box Jumps (20/16)

Then 400m run/500m row (time stops when the last team member comes through the door or finishes the row, whichever comes last)

**Each team member must complete 3 rounds. Only one team member can be working at one time and must complete the full round of jumping squats, hand release press ups and box jumps before the next team member can begin their round.

WOD 2:

1RM Push Jerk

Each team has 12 minutes to establish 1RM Push Jerk for all four team members. Push jerk can be the split stance landing.

WOD 3:

All team members working at one time:


10 x Sandbag Jump Burpees

10m Walking Lunge with Sandbag Overhead

Each team will have one 10, 15, and two 20 kg sandbags. All team members must conduct the burpees together (i.e. drop to floor together, stand up together and jump together – obviously some leniency will need to be shown as they will not have a chance to practice this but the idea is that they all move together). Once the burpees are complete, the team members will clean and press the sandbag overhead and do walking lunges for 10m. All members must reach the 5m point before turning and completing the second 5 meters.

Then the Top 3 Teams move on to WOD 4: 

Chipper (in cannon)
500m row

40 KBS (16/12/8)

30 HPC (30/20)

20 Sit ups

10 Thrusters (20/10)

For the KBS, all four KB’s must be used. This means that at least two athletes will use a 16kg KB. For the other movements, male athletes must utilize the men’s weights and female athletes must utilize the ladies’ weights.

We expect that the competition will finish around 17:30 but as we all know, the best laid plans rarely survive!  If you have any questions, please email me at  Good luck to everyone and see you on Saturday!