The CrossFit Games - The Open

So, the CrossFit Games kicks off this week with the 2015 WOD number one (15.1) being released at 01:00 GMT on Friday Morning. Competitors scores MUST be submitted by no later than 01:00 on the following Monday morning (GMT)

CrossFit Harrogate will schedule the Open WOD for all sessions through out each Friday for the full 5 weeks. In addition, we will make sure that there are as many judges available throughout the Sunday Open gym, giving you another opportunity to get your WOD done.


If anyone has ANY issues getting judged, done panic, please come and talk to one of the coaches and we will try to accommodate where we can.

Those that have chosen not to compete this year, no need to miss out, come and do the WOD in either of the above sessions of just come and make some noise for your friends as they do their WOD.

Finally, competitors, good luck and really try to enjoy the experience.