What's the Games all about?

Firstly check the official games website games.crossfit.com

The games happens each year and is open to anyone, of any ability from any country. It's a CrossFit, fitness competition that takes place over 3 phases.

1. Feb/March - The Open - Open to all

2. May - The Regionals - the lead athletes in each age and gender category progress from the Open to the region. Regions include Europe, Asia Pac, North America etc etc.

3. July - The top athletes from the regionals jet off to California to decide who really is the best of the best.

Check You-tube for videos from previous years to see a bit more about the competition.

If you are not into CrossFit YET but are interesting in starting a journey that could change your life, why not check here to see when the next induction or free taster session starts.

No fitness prerequisites needed, just a willingness to come and give it your best shot!

Any questions, give Simon a call on 07833 588627