2016 Lion's Pride Challenge Teams

It is finally here! your teams for the 2016 Lion's Pride Challenge!!!! But a brief administrative announcement: We ask that you arrive at 12:30 on 16 January to sign in and pick up your shirt (and pay your entry fee if you haven't already done so!). The event will kick off at 1pm with a welcome, the rules and the standards for the first WOD. Ok, so now that all of that is out of the way, here is what you have been looking for. Best of luck to all of the teams! Everyone has a shot to win this!!!! 

2016 Lion’s Pride Challenge Teams

Team 1

Caroline Emerson

Charlie Hall

Andy Tuttel

Nat Bradley

 Team 2

Alisdair Moore

Chris Pang

Ashleigh Dunn

David Kitchen

 Team 3

Andy Milner

Lucy Moore

Mark Rodman

Ruth Fisher

Team 4

Mel Milner

Steve Beale

Steve Harris

Tom Irwin

Team 5

George Simpson

Lisa Radoje

Paul Ellul

Stuart Dunn

Team 6

Carl Aveyard

Christiaan Creaby

Emily Cliff

Simon Gough

Team 7

Dan Jackson

Greg Cadman

Jill Martin

Kathryn White

Team 8

Claire Curtis

Jane Denham

Sally Beale

Paul Bilham

Team 9

Blace Eckols

Lotta Beiling

Rob Edwards

Steve Henderson

Team 10

Annelize Ferriera

Jordan Southern

Meredith Bonta

Scott MacKintosh

Team 11

Craig Milner

James Richardson

Lamara Taylor

Sin Mei Yau

Team 12

Amber Southern

Gareth Cooper

Jude Smith

Pascal Joly