UPDATE: Lion's Pride Challenge Teams


Our many apologies but due to a number of cancellations for Saturday, we have had to reshuffle the teams slightly. We are sorry if teams had already begun planning but we needed to ensure the teams were as fair as possible. So here is the revised list.

Team 1

Caroline Emerson

Charlie Hall

Nat Bradley

 Team 2

Ruth Fisher

Chris Pang

Ashleigh Dunn

David Kitchen

 Team 3

Andy Milner

Sin Mei Yau

Andy Tuttel

 Team 4

Mel Milner

Steve Beale

Steve Harris

Tom Irwin

 Team 5

George Simpson

Lisa Radoje

Paul Ellul

Stuart Dunn

Team 6

Carl Aveyard

Christiaan Creaby

Emily Cliff

Simon Gough

 Team 7

Stuart Doran

Greg Cadman

Jill Martin

Kathryn White

 Team 8

Claire Curtis

Jane Denham

Sally Beale

Paul Bilham

 Team 9

Blace Eckols

Lotta Beiling

Rob Edwards

Steve Henderson

Team 10

Annelize Ferriera

Jordan Southern

Meredith Bonta

Scott MacKintosh

 Team 11

Craig Milner

James Richardson

Lamara Taylor

Team 12

Amber Southern

Gareth Cooper

Jude Smith

Pascal Joly