'It Takes Two Fundamentals' 25% Off

‘It Takes Two’ is our couples or friends Fundamentals Course. During January 2017 we’re offering 25% off this course!

You’ll go through all the movements used in our CrossFit Classes, including Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Rowing and Mobility. These are broken down and taught in a safe and controlled environment. 


CrossFit can be daunting

“I'd probably have never joined as I'd have been too scared; put off by the weights and worried about not being good enough. Having said that, I would now come regardless of whether Greg came or not but it's nice to have a common interest with some scope to meet new people.” Elly Cadman (Member for 9 months) Greg Cadman (19 months)


Setting a good example

“It’s a plus that we both go and enjoy it together and it’s a great thing for our children to see us doing and hopefully motivates them to see exercise as fun. We've both made great friends and the results achieved have been amazing.” Ashleigh Dunn (24 months) Stuart Dunn (15 months)


The common theme in all of their answers…

Meeting like-minded people

“We both joined CrossFit Harrogate as we were new to the area and knew it would be a good way to get to know people as well as the added bonus of getting fit.” Aimee Humphreys (9 months) Greg Traill (9 months)

“Joining CrossFit Harrogate was quite honestly the best thing we've done in ages! We've made such lovely friends (much more like family) and I for one am the fittest I've ever been. We love training together and pushing each other.” Aimee Cutino (12 months) Nino Cutino (12 months)


Take your fitness to the next level this year!