CrossFit Harrogate's Day Out

Here's one of our morning superstars Ruth Fisher talking about her first competition outside of the box!

As one of the older members of the gym (50 is creeping up over the horizon!) and definitely not one of the ‘elite’ athletes at our box, I don’t count myself as a ‘competitor’. So when Ryan utters those immortal words “We’re organising a friendly competition with CrossFit Skipton and we need people to sign up – come on, it’ll be fun!”. 'Fun' and 'competition' are not two words I would generally put together myself but somehow I found myself with a great partner (thanks Sally), a team name and arriving at a freezing cold CrossFit Skipton to nervously await my fate!

There were three WODs to complete – and scaling was allowed – and none of them were anything out of the ordinary or especially different to what we do day to day at CrossFit Harrogate. Our coaches were great at settling the nerves and provided lots of support and guidance on what our strategy should be for each of the WODs.

After the results were collated, our partnership came last BUT we both achieved PBs for our Hang Squat Cleans, we absolutely worked as hard as we could and we had a great time. The support you get from everyone who is there was just amazing. It’s also great to cheer everyone else on, spend time with people you already know from the gym, get to know others who you never see otherwise as they train at different times to you, take an opportunity to help out with judging and generally just have a great day with lots of like-minded people.



Whenever Ruth walks through the doors she brings such a positive attitude, along with a beaming smile. It's very infectious!

Keep up the hard work Ruth, good luck in The Open this year.