So here is the First of 6 WODs that will comprise the Spa Town Throwdown. You have a month to train for, plan and execute this WOD. Judges can be coaches or other (non team Members). Any questions, drop a note to Simon on FB.

A. In a 15 minute window Row 3km For Time: (The time to row the distance will be captured and the remainder of the 15 minutes will be rest time)


All 4 athletes will complete this workout.

The rower will be set at 3K and count down

Teams can break the work up in any way they want.

There is a 15min cap for this workout and each meter not rowed will incur a penalty.


 - Final Athlete must remain on the rower until the display reads zero

 - Athletes may adjust the damper setting and foot positions at any time during the row and team mates can help with this.  

 - Athletes must keep feet in footstraps when rowing.


 B. In a 15 minute Window

Establish a team total 1 RM Hang Squat Clean


All 4 athletes will complete this workout.

  - Each athlete will have as many attempts as they wish to establish their heaviest 1  rep hang squat Clean.

 - The workout will begin with an 2 x empty barbells and a stack of plates.

 - It will be the team’s responsibility to load the bar for each lift and declare the weight to the judge prior to lifting.   

 - The score will be the total of each athletes heaviest 1 rep hang squat Clean.


 - This movement begins with the athlete deadlifting the barbell and stopping at this position prior to cleaning.

 - The athlete may not lower the bar past the knees after deadlifting the weight.

 -  The barbell must be received at the shoulder in a squat position (hip crease must be below top of knee).

 - A power clean followed by a front squat will not be permitted.

 - Only the feet may touch the ground during the lift.


 Any scaling MUST be declared to the judge ahead of the start of the WOD.


There will be no scaling for the row


The weight will be the key scalable element.

In the event that an Athlete has genuine flexibility issues meaning that a full squat is not possible, they can opt to do POWER Cleans. There will be a penalty of 10kg for each Athlete completing Power Cleans.


There will be 2 scores captured for each team – 1 – the time to complete the 3k row and 2. The total number of kilos lifted in the 1RM hang squat clean. Scores must be submitted  by the judge to before the end of 14th May 2015