Spa Town Throwdown Teams - update!

OK, with some late breaking entrants, I have moved one or two teams around. Check your teams and good luck to each and every team!!!

BTW - Still looking for team names for some of you guys!!!!

M Craig Milner Too Old, Two New
M Gareth Cooper 
F Mel Milner 
F Ashleigh Dunn 

M Steve Beale Demics
M Steve Harris 
F Sally Beale 
F Jane Denham 

M Ryan Tansley 
M Adam Gee 
F Katie Moore 
F Helen Flannery 

M Sam Webb Kipping it Real
M Andy Miles 
F Claire Curtis 
F Annelize Ferreira

M Tom Irwin 
M Simon Midgley 
F Ashley Fitzgerald 
F Milly Hilton

M Michael Davidson Team America!
M Ryan Hipsley 
F Ashley Semadeni 
F Jen Turek 

M Giles Bradley 
M Louis Richardson 
F Natasha Barba-Evans 
F Viv Whitelaw

M Greg Cadman 
M Paul Ellul 
F Alex Whapples 
F Rachael Mc 

M Mark Smith 
M Andy Tutell 
F Kate Ralston 
F Lotta Beiling 

M Steve Henderson 
M David Kitchen 
F Jill Martin
F Caroline Emmerson

M Rob Ward
M Dean Ralston
F Gio Fitzgerald
F Cath Harbrow

M Simon Fitzgerald
F Helen Rees
F Betsy Eckols
F Katherine Wass