Month 5

For time

3 Athletes will be required for this WOD and work can be divided in any way between the athletes with the exception of the 400m run which must be completed by all athletes. Work on the wall balls cannot start until all athletes have completed the run. Work on the STOH cannot start until the last wall ball has completed etc. Only one athlete working at any one time.

400m Run

200 Wall Balls (20/14) (Masters 55+ 16/10)

175 KB Swings (24/16) (Masters 55+ 20/12)

150 STOH (35/25) (Masters 55+ 30/20)

125 Box Jumps (24/21) (Masters 55+ 21/18)

100 Burpee

75 Calorie row

50 GHD sit up (Masters 55+ Ab Mat Sit Ups)

25 Rope Ascents (Masters 55+ Rope Walks)

400m Run


A 60 second penalty will be incurred for:

-       Each reduction in WB weight (e.g. 20 from 20lbs to 16 or from 14 to 12 lbs). If an athlete moves from 20 to 14lbs that would be a double reduction and so a 2 minute reduction would be incurred.

-       Each reduction in KB weight (same principle as the WB above)

-       Each 5kg reduction in weight for the STOH

-       Box jumps – Male – from 24” to 21’ – 1 minute. 24” to 18” – 2 minutes. 24” to 12” – 3 minutes.  Female from 21” to 18” 1 minute, 21” to 12” – 2 minutes and 21” to 9” – 3 minutes

Rope Ascents – 2 x Rope Walks per Rope Ascent – Start from ground lying flat on back and using primarily arms pull to the standing position.

GHD Sit Ups – Ab Mat sit ups can be used at a 1.5:1 ration (i.e.either 50 GHD SU or 75 AB Mat SU


Wall Ball – The ball must hit the correct height marker i.e. Male 10ft and female 9ft and at the bottom of the squat, hip crease must pass below the top of the knee.

KB Swings – At the bottom of the swing the bell must pass between the legs and be clearly visible behind the athlete’s legs. At the top of the swing the arms must be fully straight above the head with the bell being vertical above the hands

STOH – Strict Press, Push Press or a jerk can be used. The bar will start from the shoulder rack position and with the athlete’s feet under the hips and must end up with the athlete’s arms fully extended above the head and the head must come through the arms so that the ears are clearly visible. The next STOH cannot start until the feet have returned to the start position and the bar has returned to the rack position.

Box Jumps – You know the form, two footed jump and landing, stand tall at the top and get down any way you like!

Burpees – My favourite. Simple. Chest has to touch the ground at the bottom and the feet must leave the ground at the top and don’t forget a nice loud clap!.

GHD Sit up – The athlete must touch the toeswith both hands at the top of the movement and must break parallel at the bottom of the move

Rope Ascents – The athlete will start from the ground and must climb the rope until they are able to touch the beam at the top. Jumping to get a start is OKand the athlete must control the decent (not just drop from the top)


There will be one judge required for this WOD

The WOD is for time so the judge will capture the final time once all reps have been successfully completed.