The Grand Finalé

The Mighty Murph!!

All 4 Athletes will be required for this WOD

For Time:

The team must move 1500kg using a single prowler. For a weight to count towards the 1500kg it must be moved a full 20m. e.g. Athlete 1 pushes 50kg2 lengths of the box, (40m) that will be 100kg. Athletes can choose their individual weight for each push.


30 rounds of 5 pull up, 10 press up and 15 air squats. Any 2 athletes can be working at any one time and the work can be split in any way. There is no minimum number of reps that an athlete needs to complete.


Repeat the 1500 prowler push

Masters athletes over 55 may scale as follows

Add 25% to prowler push weight – e.g if a masters athlete pushes 50kg over 2 lengths of the gym, their weight will be 100kg plus an additional 25% = 125kg contribution

Pull ups – may be banded up to blue band with no penalty

Press ups may be from knees with no penalty

Air squats – allowance can be made around squat depth if an athlete cannot achieve depth.

Equipment required


Bumper plates (may be chosen by the team)

Pull up bar


Movement Standards

Prowler push

No movement standards however the prowler must be moved for a complete 20m for the weight to be counted.

Pull ups

The arms must be fully extended at the bottom of the movement and the chin must be visibly above the upper plane of the bar at the top. Strict, kipping and butterfly are acceptable.

Air Squats

The athlete will squat until hip crease passes below the top of the knee. The athlete must reach full hip and knee extension at the top of the movement.

This WOD will require 2 judges as there can be two athletes working during the non prowler elements of the WOD

The WOD is for time so the judge will capture the final time once all reps have been successfully completed.