Spa Town Throw Down

What is is?

With the roaring success of the Lion's Pride and the brilliant take up of the CrossFit Games Open, we are ultra excited to bring you another in house CrossFit competition to keep the fun going.

The Spa Town Throw Down will be a team event with each team comprising 4 people (2 boys and 2 girls). You are free to choose your own teams or just put your name down on the individuals sign up sheet and we will choose a team for you.

The competition will take place over a 6 month period with a new WOD being released each month (on the 15th of the month). Some WODs will need all 4 team members to take part and other may only need 3. Either way, you will have until the 15th of the following month to submit your team score.

The top 4 scores for each team (from the 6) will be considered to work out the winning teams. There will also be recognition for the top team of the month and on the spot recognition for outstanding improvement.

When does it Start and how long does it run for? 

15th April 2015 with one WOD per month for 6 months!

How do I get signed up? 

get you team together (along with a team name) or just add you name to the individuals list and we will get you set up. The sign up sheets will be at the box this week.

Can the WODs be scaled?

Absolutely!!! and you get to choose your scaling so that this competition is completely inclusive!

Other stuff.

To keep this truly inclusive, new members to CFH (or members who choose to join after the fun has started will be able to join part way through although this could affect their overall team position.

The competition is only open to CFH Members ad there is no charge for entry!!!

We will periodically programme the WOD of the month and judging will take place during that programming and in Open gym.

More detail to follow in due course! 

Any questions, give Simon, Kate, Dean or Gio a shout.