Hi All,  The team and individual entry forms are in the box and you have until the 10th April to get your name down.

We have received a few questions around scaling, when the WODs will take place and who will be judging who.

All WODs can be fully scaled to meet YOUR ability. We will be devising a weighting for each WOD which will result in either time or points penalties depending on the level of scaling. I will post an example over the next couple of days.

We will be programming the WODs on the last 2 Fridays of the period that the WOD has to be completed in. In addition, there is the Sunday morning Open gym session that can be used.

Simple, you can either get one of the coaches to judge you or agree with another team that they judge you. The movement standards will be clear and we trust you lot!!!

So basically, an in house, scaleable, friendly competition with BIG prizes (well, we may throw in a water bottle or two!) that is good for all fitness levels.

Get yourself signed up NOW!!