The Teams

Here are the teams for our very first The Team Open 2017!

Your captains are: Chris Pang (TEAM FRONING), Scott Mackintosh (TEAM FRASER), Jude Smith (TEAM BRIGGS) and Aimee Cutino (TEAM DAVIDSDOTTIR).

If I've missed you off, I'm very sorry! Let me know and I'll add you to a team. Visuals of the T-Shirts will be out very soon, these will have your team's colour in the logo along with your team name on the back!

What next? Well, your captain will be contacting you to make sure you're up for the challenge! There's less than 3 weeks to go before the first workout. If there's something you want to work on, speak to the coach in your team and get yourself down here on Thursdays and Sundays to work on it!

The following weeks Finisher Workouts will have some popular Open movements in them. Tuesdays are now our Benchmark Workout days. These are programmed to allow you to get a benchmark time recorded and then repeat it in the coming months to track your progress. Tomorrow you'll be taking on Jackie!

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 17.25.57.png