The Team Open 2017

For anyone who hasn't heard of 'The Open' it is a worldwide CrossFit Competition that begins each year with 5 workouts over 5 weeks. All entrants post their workout times and the best go through to Regionals and then California for the CrossFit Games, culminating in one Male and one Female being crowned The Fittest On Earth. Anyone can enter and all the workouts are scalable. Most of us don't stand a chance of progressing through to Regionals but it's really good fun and gives you a World Ranking that you can try and improve on each year.


This year we intend to make it even more fun by having a Team Competition running alongside 'The Open' utilising the 5 workouts posted by Dave Castro (The CrossFit Games Director).

Here’s where it gets interesting. You’ve all been split into 4 teams named after past winners of 'The CrossFit Games'…FRONING, BRIGGS, DAVIDSDOTTIR and FRASER. We will be posting the team lists in the Box very shortly, each team has a Captain so all you have to do is find your team and your Captain and away you go.

As a team you will need to earn as many points as possible to win. Points will be awarded for:

• Completing the workouts - Rx or Scaled

• Finishing in the Top 3

• Best Form

• Most Spirited Performance

Or anything else we may spot that deserves bonus points for your team


There will be a 6th workout, taking place on Saturday morning 1st April with a social in the evening. The winners will be crowned The Team Open 2017 Champions!


You don’t need to have entered The Open, so there is no cost to taking part. What you may want to do is purchase your team's T-shirt so that you can wear it with pride as you play your part in driving your team to victory!


More information will be revealed next week!