UPDATE 2: Lion's Pride Challenge Teams

Rather unfortunately, we have had a very large number of members have to drop out of the competition this weekend. I have tried very hard to not disturb the original team announcement too much. However, we have had few more drop out today and unfortunately the teams are becoming quite unbalanced. So while I really hate to do this, I am going to have to update the teams one more time. And for the sake of my own sanity, I will not send out the final team announcement until Friday evening. Again, I very much apologize for this as I know several of you have come up with some brilliant names for your teams already but it is the only way I can keep a fair balance in the teams to keep with the spirit of the competition. Thanks for your patience! 

PS - As a reminder, please arrive at the box on Saturday at 1230 to sign in, get your t-shirt, pay your entry fee if you haven't already and warm up. The event will kick off at 1pm and we should be done around 5:30.