Tue 111011 - CrossFit Harrogate WOD

1. Warm up.

2. Strength training;
Front squat: 3-3-3-3-3

3. "Meadows"; for time:
Muscle ups, 20 reps
Lowers from an inverted hang on the rings, slowly, with straight body and arms, 25 reps
Ring handstand push up, 30 reps
Ring row, 35 reps
Ring push up, 40 reps

If the ring handstand push ups are too difficult, then we will substitute wall handstand push ups, wall walk into handstand or kick up into handstand as required. Everyone should be able to perform all the other movements on the rings using an appropriate progression.

4. Recovery: mobility

Part 3 of this workout was posted on the CrossFit mainsite on Mon 5 Sep 2011. Have a look at the comments, videos and scores here and here