Wed 111206 - CrossFit Harrogate WOD

1. Warm up

2. "The London Throwdown - WOD 2"; for time:
a. Output 1200/800 kg of power clean (weight and reps are up to you)
b. 5 rounds of:
60/40 kg shoulder to overhead, 5 reps (e.g. press, push press, push jerk, split jerk)
60/40 kg front squat, 7 reps
Toes to bar, 9 reps
c. Output 1200/800 kg of power clean (weight and reps are up to you)

For the power cleans; mens examples could be 100 kg x 12 reps = 1200 kg, 60 kg x 20 reps = 1200 kg, 30 kg x 40 reps = 1200 kg; ladies examples could be 80 kg x 10 reps = 800 kg, 40 kg x 20 reps = 800 kg, 20 kg x 40 reps = 800 kg. You can use different combinations for both (a) and (c) as required.

3. Recovery: mobility

This is the second workout from the 'London Throwdown' competition taking place this week. Kate, Rachael, Alex, Chris and Jon are all competing so if you can make it in please come in and support, even better if you can do the workout along side them. The final workout from the competition will be programmed for the group classses on Friday, however, those taking part can do each workout whenever they want and also repeat each workout as many times as they like up until 2000 on Mon 12 Dec. Any questions at all please use the comments function below.