Thu 110623 - CrossFit Harrogate WOD

1. Warm up

2. Skill training: rope climb

3. 5 intervals of:
In 3 mins, as many rounds as possible of:
60/40 kg deadlift, 3 reps
60/40 kg hang clean, 3 reps
60/40 kg push jerk, 3 reps
60/40 kg front squat, 3 reps
Rest 1 minute in between intervals.

Begin the next interval from where you finished in the previous one, e.g. if you were 2 reps into you hang cleans by end of interval 1; rest 1 mintue then begin interval 2 with 1  hang clean, then push jerks and so on. Your score is the number of rounds completed. With thanks to CrossFit 3D for the workout.

4. Recovery: mobility