Mon 110926 - CrossFit Harrogate WOD

1. Warm up

2. Strength training:
Rear foot elevated split squat: 5-5-5 each leg

3. With a continuously running clock, do one pull-up and one handstand push-up* the first minute, two pull-ups and two handstand push-ups* the second minute, three pull-ups and three handstand push-ups* the third minute... continuing as long as you are able. When you cannot complete the required number of reps for either exercise, continue only with the other as long as you are able.

Use as many sets in any order each minute as needed. The sum of minutes successfully completed for each exercise is your score.

* For those that are only coming in two or three times this week, substitute the handstand push ups for burpees!

4. Recovery:

Part 3 of this workout was posted on the CrossFit mainsite on Mon 15 Aug 2011. Have a look at the comments, videos and scores here and here.