Tue 110927 - CrossFit Harrogate WOD

1. Warm up

2. Skill training: rope climb

3. Five rounds for time:
Row, 500 m
Bear crawl, 40 m (forward 20 m, backward 20 m)
Run, 400 m
Crab walk,  40 m (forward 20 m, backward 20 m)

Yes this is a long one, however they don't come up very often. Remember the 'margins of experience' bit - if the thought of this terrifies you then you should definitely do it (we can scale it down if required so no excuses there either)! The alternative was to run 5 km as fast as you can so don't feel too hard done by :-)

4. Recovery: mobility

The times for 5 km were posted on the CrossFit mainsite on Tue 16 Aug 2011. Have a look at the comments, videos and scores here and here.