Tue 120131 - CrossFit Harrogate WOD

Right, it's time to have a little friendly chat about chalk.

Chalk is not magic, there is absolutely no correlation between you getting an increasing amount of chalk all over the floor/bars/kettlebells and you getting a higher score in your workout! More chalk does not mean better grip or extra strength or extra lung power; the RIGHT amount of chalk will help to keep your hands dry(er) which may help to alleviate some slippage on the bar/kettlebell, however it is not superglue and more is not better.

Chalk needs to be applied to your hands IN THE BOTTOM OF THE BUCKET, dusted off your hands IN THE BOTTOM OF THE BUCKET and dusted off your hands again IN THE BOTTOM OF THE BUCKET! If the chalk monster does accidentally happen to strike then there is a vacuum at the back of the box for the floor and a nylon brush for the knurling of the bars.

Let's try and set a good example for all the new members coming in and also try and keep the box as an enjoyable and pleasant place to be. This is your space and your community so please take pride in it.

Right, lets get to it...

1. Warm up

2. Skill practise: three rounds of:
(a) Clean practise, build up to a working weight for part 3
(b) Ring dip practise, find a progression you can use for part 3 if required

3. "Elizabeth"; 21-15-9 reps for time of:
60/40 kg clean (yes that means hips have to go below the knees!)
Ring dip

4. Recovery

Part 3 of this workout was posted on the CrossFit mainsite on Thu 19 Jan 2012. Have a look at the comments, videos and scores here and here.