Mon 120402 - CrossFit Harrogate WOD

The "Fran-off"

I can't remeber who challenged who but the outcome was that Graham, Jeff and Alex decided to have a Fran throwdown on the 2nd April. Being as we're all big fans of the one-in-all-in way of doing things, it's only fair if everyone gets to have a go, therefore:

1. Warm up

2. Conditioning; "Fran", for time, 21-15-9 reps of:
42.5/30 kg thruster
Pull up

3. Recovery

* Optional supplementary: pick one from A, one from B, then complete three rounds:

A. GHD raise, 5-10 reps
GHD hip extension, 10-20 reps
Double kettlebell single-straight-leg deadlift, 10-15 reps each leg
B. GHD sit up, 10-20 reps
Janda sit up, 5 reps
L-sit hold, accumulate 1-2 min 

Please have a look here for the scores from the previous times we have completed this workout.